Our Mission

It is our mission to improve the health, wellness and fitness of individuals in the most effective, efficient and appropriate way possible.  This is done by using a sound, science based approach to listen to the individual's goals, analyze the results from specific health assessments, and then create a strategic and customized exercise program for that specific individual.

Our Goals

When you come and see us, our goals for you include:

1) Empowering you and getting you stronger during the strategically prepared process of exercise.

2) Having you finally be able do the things you enjoy doing without dealing with that nagging injury, ache, or pain. 

3) Getting you excited about exercise and committing to the process for the long term.

Our Process

Our process includes:

1) Going through a thorough evaluation of getting to know you and your current lifestyle (goals, current exercise regimen, past injuries, past exercise history, dietary habits, stress levels, and hobbies).  

2) We then assess your body's current abilities including joint range of motion, strength, endurance (muscular and cardiovascular), and tolerance levels.  

3) From there, were are able to use this information to create a well tailored and individualized program catered specifically to you.

4) We then begin the exercise process to progress toward your set goals and re-evaluate along the way to monitor progress.


Ryan Fairman | ACSM EP-C, RTSm



  • ACSM Exercise Physiologist
  • Resistance Training Specialist Mastery (RTSm)
  • Muscle Activation Techniques Jumpstart (MATjs)
  • PN Certified Nutrition Coach

Personal Story

Ryan has always had a passion for fitness and nutrition, even at a young age, and knew early on that this profession was the path for him.  Boy, he couldn't have been more right!  He finds that helping client's reach their health and fitness goals along with motivating them to consistently put in the effort to reach them is immensely gratifying. 

Also an avid learner, Ryan is constantly searching for the most up to date exercise and nutrition information available and continually sharpening his skillset in order to make the best exercise decisions possible for his clients.  Ryan's attention to detail, professional demeanor, and expertise make him an exceptional choice for individuals wanting to build a better body.


Playing guitar, cooking new recipes, running, working out, trying new restaraunts


Training exclusively out of Precision Human Performance located at 1335 West Lake Street, Chicago, IL 60607