Zach S. | Principal at Smolinski Rosario Law P.C.


Prior to starting in June of this year, I hadn't exercised seriously in quite some time and I realized I needed some professional help to both motivate me and to address a couple physical issues.  My main goals were to build strength while avoiding (and hopefully improving) joint pain and to lose weight. Since working with Ryan I have improved my strength, seen significant weight loss, decreased joint pain (shoulder and low back), and have also improved my focus on nutrition.

I had never worked with a trainer before, and I just didn't know what the process would be like. I was a little apprehensive about being pushed too hard. Also, I didn't know what the expectations would be in terms of scheduling and any other effort on my part.  Ryan made the process seamless and very manageable. Our first meeting (which wasn't at the gym) went over some of the basics, which helped. It also helped to understand that the focus would, initially, be on addressing some pain and range of motion issues. The strength and weight loss goals would be achieved over a longer time period.  

I would recommend you to others--and I have!--because of your comprehensive approach to health and fitness that goes beyond simply doing the right exercises at the right intensity. Your knowledge of physiology and the nutrition components of your program have made fitness into something that is part of my overall lifestyle and not just something I focus on a couple times a week. Thanks for working with me!