Ashkon F. | Senior Manager at Deloitte

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“I started training with Ryan in March of 2018 because I was not happy with the progress of just working out by myself and was tired of having achy muscles. My main areas of focus were to lose weight and to build strength to get rid of pain. Since beginning the process back in March, I am now stronger and have the skills to continue to build my body into the shape I want.

Prior to training I thought I could do everything myself. I'm the type of person that likes to be self sufficient, whether it is cooking at home or taking care of the car. However, sometimes it's best to see a professional if you want it done right. Ryan was able to understand my aches and pains and guide my workouts to help build strength in those areas. He also has constant checkpoints and follow ups to ensure my body is feeling good after a workout.

I would highly recommend Ryan as I feel by working out with him, you can efficiently reach your goals and progress to obtain the body you desire. If you want to get things done right, get Ryan to help you.”