Pathik S. | Electrical Engineer at General Electric

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"My main motivation to start training with Ryan was to lower my blood pressure and decrease my dependence on hypertension medication in order to become healthier overall.  Since June 2017, I have achieved a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), reduced blood pressure by 10%, and decreased 5K run times by 20%.  Ryan was able to help me accomplish my goals by first educating me on effective training, showed me the proper technique and form on using various strength training equipment, and more importantly motivated me by using data to quantify his training plans.

Prior to starting to train with Ryan, I believed in the myth that “strength training burns less calories than cardio” which caused me to plateau in my workouts and I wasn’t achieving my goals. Initially I was scared to reach out for help but I’m glad I did because without the training/motivation from Ryan I wouldn’t have achieved the goals I set for myself.

Overall, Ryan is the best trainer I’ve come across. He takes the time to educate you, and it was surprising to see how much of the material I learned in physical education (PE) class was either incorrect or modified with recent studies/findings. Additionally, he will find a solution that caters to you, as there isn’t a universal plan that works for everyone. Stop hesitating, and contact Ryan today!"