Kana M. | Executive Director - Process Improvement Program Management at JPMorgan Chase


“I started training with Ryan in May of 2016 to get wedding ready, get healthy, and improve my fitness.  My main goals were to reduce my body fat and increase my muscle mass. Since I started training, I have reduced body fat by 8lbs and significantly reduced overall fat %, increased muscle by 4 lbs, gained overall strength with increased weights through strength training, and improved body measurements (waist, hips, etc.).

Prior to training with Ryan I had a few obstacles preventing me from reaching my goals, including not having the knowledge regarding nutrition to meet my goal, inconsistent diet plans that resulted in weight fluctuations for the past 10+ yrs, and focusing on cardio vs. what I really needed which was strength training.  

Ryan was able to help me overcome these obstacles by introducing me to look at my body comp which focused on targeting reduction of body fat and increase in muscle vs. focusing just on weight, implementing a strength training program, and helping me learn how to eat healthy and eliminating the foods that have negative impact to my body.   Ryan has helped me make significant progress to my health and nutrition and I hope to continue to meet my goals.”