Is Exercise Good for You?

A simple question, right?  Of course the answer is yes....but is it really that simple?  

First, there a few things we have to determine:

  1. Who is exercising? (The individual and their joints, health history, injuries, daily activities, hobbies, lifestyle, exercise regimen, etc.)

  2. What does that individual want to accomplish?  What is their goal?  

Once we have those two things figured out, then we will get a better idea of how to answer our initial question.  

To help determine if exercise is good for you, which I'm sure a lot of us have asked ourselves before, we must define what exercise is.  And simply put:

  • Exercise is a stimulus attempting to elicit a response or adaptation.

    • This response or adaptation can vary greatly (which we will cover in more detail in later newsletters)

    • This response or adaptation has the potential to be positive or negative

    • This response or adaptation can also be put on a continuum of sorts, meaning there can be specific amounts (a lot or a little) of change in either direction, on any given day.  

Will this help determine if exercise good?  Yes...sort of.

One suggestion: Instead of labeling exercise as good or bad, why not think of it more as a benefit or risk; a progression or regression.  And that benefit, risk, progression or regression will be specifically related to the goal.

Once there is something to work towards, then you can determine some of the variables involved with exercise including forces being applied to the body, amount, frequency, duration, systems of the body that are involved, and plenty more (too long to list here, but we will cover them soon :)  

The idea is if you get these variables just right, then you will be appropriately progressing your body towards the goal (strength, endurance, mass, size, pain free - just to name a few).  Vice versa, if you're constantly doing too much or too little, then you may be regressing away from your goal. (Too much may equal aches, pains, burnout, fatigue, etc; too little may equal no results, loss of strength, no change in endurance, etc.) 

This is just the tip of the iceberg, but hopefully this gets you thinking a little bit differently as to what exercise is and how it has the potential to progress your body to reach a specific type of goal.

If you have specific questions about YOUR exercise, feel free to reach out and get your questions answered. Stay tuned for more thought provoking exercise related information.