Your Goals are Set...Now What?

So you have your goals set with some great meaning behind them (see previous Newsletter) But how do you actually accomplish them?

Well first, you have to have a plan.  (And a BIG reason why I love my job so much, the fun part for me….coming up with a plan to get you there, and I’m more than happy to help you through me if you have specific questions). But how do you follow through with that plan? Today I’ll talk about the process, specifically with exercise, and how to make sure you’re motivated enough to stick to it (even when you don’t want to).

In an age where things are done now and FAST, it can be tough to stay consistent with this exercise stuff when it may seem like nothing is changing.  Maybe you’ve been doing it for a week, a month, or even a few months and there’s no noticeable difference….what gives?

  1. My first piece of advice….reframe your expectations.

  • This might mean looking at what IS going well and improving, rather than what is NOT going well.

  • And let me assure you, even if you can’t ‘see’ the change, there is definitely change occurring. Your tissues/muscles are changing and adapting, especially if you’re adding in some form of resistance training (if you’re just doing cardio you may not be getting the same effects). If you’re strength training appropriately, your muscles are improving their ability to contract, which can lead to a TON of benefits (see here).


  • Also, one truth that might be tough to swallow is that this process will more than likely take quite a bit of time (years); especially if you were doing little or no exercise prior to starting. Reaching your goals will NOT happen overnight, and if any ‘professional’ or marketing ad tells you differently, then run far, far away…..

  1. Expect Failure (but make sure to learn from it)

  • Will you reach your goal perfectly, according to plan? Of course not.  But that’s rarely the case with any endeavor. And if you think the process will be smooth sailing, then go back to #1 above. But, that’s also half the fun.  Figuring out what works! Once you’ve got it, then you’ll be on the road to success.

  • Also, what you do and how you handle that failure will make a BIG difference. The mantra that ‘Failure is Feedback’ is something that I try to hold true on a daily basis.  If you can learn from what went wrong, it will help guide you on what might work in the future.

  1. Be held accountable

  • My clients do well because I check in weekly and make sure most things are getting done. But what if you don’t have this? I would suggest finding someone (friend, spouse, child, professional) that will keep you accountable to the plan you’ve put in place. And the more eyes the better.

  • Think about your professional life….do you do your work in a timely manner and to the best of your ability? Who are the individuals making sure you do this?  Boss, manager, CEO...people that can impact your job to say the least. What if you were able to create a similar environment for your exercise world? Would you stay more consistent and motivated to stay on track?  My guess is yes….

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