Challenge Yourself; Always Try to Improve

This weekend I traveled down to OKC for a continuing education course at the RTS (Resistance Training Specialist) headquarters (see here on why it made such a big impact on my career.)

It was a great time as always. On thing I really enjoyed was the class was a smaller group than usual, which meant we got to ask more questions that were specific to us and explore certain topics that we truly cared about.  One big theme that we kept coming back to was to always be thinking....How can I make this better?  What am I missing? 

Now of course this was exercise focused (how can we improve our client's exercise experience, how can we get them more efficient results, etc.), but it got me thinking (heh)...Why can't this bleed over into everything that I do?  Can't I always be searching for a better, more improved process with anything that I do?  Of course the answer is yes, but it's not quite that simple.  The biggest thing that holds me back is fear and the challenge.....What if it doesn't work?  What if I fail? What if it's too hard? Am I able to finish what I start?  Am I in over my head?

And that doubt can lead to inaction. Then there's no making anything better and the easy, comfortable way of doing things stays put.  And I think that's ok, especially if it's working, but what if there IS a better way? If I let fear and doubt win, then I would never know...and that's not fair to me or anyone that I interact with.

So it was great to be reminded and inspired this weekend to always be trying new things (try-al and error - RTS Tom Purvis) in search for a better way.  My clients deserve that and I owe that to myself so that I don't stay stagnate.  Not only in my career, but in all other facets of my life. And the best part is the process itself because you learn a TON (including the failures) along the way.

Action Step:  So my challenge to you is to come up with a few things that you can improve or make better, list them out, and come up with a bulleted list on what you can do or try in order to improve that process.  Then get to work! You might surprise yourself and come up with something you never thought of before.


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