Don’t Know Where the Time Went? Learn How to Get Back into Shape and Stick With It.

Let’s start with a visualization:

Your 20s: You had all the time in the world and could focus on exercise. (Even if you didn’t, you still felt ‘in shape’) You felt healthy, you had tons of energy, and any activity you decided to do happened with ease.  If you had a few minor injuries, aches or pains, they healed quickly or went away before you could even remember you had them. Your body was resilient!

Fast forward to your 30s or 40s and beyond…Now, life is a little more hectic, free time comes at a premium and health/exercise often takes a back seat. Anything you do might feel a little more difficult than your younger years.  Even doing something as simple as getting up from your couch can feel like a chore. Fatigue sets in quickly, those aches and pains are prominent and not going away, and moving your body becomes an annoyance.  The worst part? Not knowing if those feelings will ever get any better….if this is your new normal.

Where do you go from here?

Well, I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to stay in this rut! You CAN move better, feel better, and have more energy to do the things you love to do. Your body CAN improve and adapt to create a new normal.  Wherever you’re at in life, you have the ability to change for the better. The ability to feel physically and mentally strong, and capable of taking on any challenge without worrying about getting hurt or too tired. All while building fitness into your life, without it taking over.

How do you do that? How do you motivate yourself to start to change?

Must discover your ‘why’.

  • I’ve talked with countless potential clients that seemed ready to begin changing their exercise and nutrition habits, but it never happened. It was just talk. And as great as their intentions may have been, if nothing changes, then there will be no resulting response (won’t feel better, won’t move better, won’t get into the shape they’ve been longing for). So here’s how you can find your why to motivate yourself….ask yourself these questions (thank you Alwyn Crosgrove for the inspiration):

  1. Why do you want to workout?

  2. Why is that important?

  3. Why now?

  4. Why didn’t it work when you tried before?

  5. What’s different now?

  6. What will change when you achieve the goal?

  7. Why is that important?

  8. What happens if you don’t get into shape? What are the consequences?

  • Once we get these answered and your why out in the open, then you can look at everything objectively and get to work. This should spark that initial motivation

What happens next?

  • People like to be happy, which means everyone usually gravitates toward pleasure, not pain

  • When it comes to the gym or working out, it’s a general rule of thumb that some discomfort must be tolerated in order to see results - look better, feel better, perform better...but it shouldn't be extreme

  • Most people don’t want something that makes everything worse, which is often what you get with a lot of workout or nutrition programs

    • They are usually extreme, short term, quick fixes that often aren't sustainable and make you feel awful...why would you stick with something like that?  (Most usually don’t and the few that do ‘survive’ often have long term, irreversible side effects; ie binging/fasting, poor relationship with exercise and food, all or nothing, can’t enjoy anything or feel guilty, constantly beat themselves up if they make a ‘mistake’)

So what’s the solution?  How do you stay happy and enjoy the process?

Don’t fall into the trap of doing too much at once

  • So here you are, super motivated because you found a deeper meaning, and know that you should feel happy or good during the process, let’s get it all done RIGHT NOW!

  • Big mistake….usually that is too big of a strain on your willpower and next thing you know, you’re right back to where you started because that’s comfortable and easy.

  • Instead, you must create small, sustainable habits/change in order to see progress.

    • Maybe that’s 15 minutes a day of exercise to start.  From there, evaluate how attainable that was, then adjust.  If it was ‘easy’ or a 10/10 in terms of your confidence level, bump it to 20 or 30 minutes.

    • Whatever it is you’re trying to change (exercise or nutrition) make sure that you can do it with ease and don’t make it overwhelming.  This is key to ensuring lasting change.

So...the start of a new visualization:

Current age:  You’re fit, healthy, and full of vitality.  You’re strong, confident, and able to do anything you choose (without the aches, feeling winded or tired).  The best part? Its sustainable. It’s a lifestyle. It’s not a fad or quick fix. It’s here to last. Are you ready to get started building a better body?  A body that allows you thrive?

Reach out and inquire about getting your own custom exercise program to start improving your health and fitness.