Tired of Empty Promises and Misinformation in the Health and Fitness World?

Turn on the TV, browse the internet, scroll through Facebook or IG, and you’ll get an overload of exercise, health, or nutrition information (maybe products) that are promising amazing results all with a reasonable price tag. But do they work?  Maybe, but I’m sure there’s a catch. That ab roller or exercise gadget?...look at the fine print because you’re not looking like that ripped 6 pack model unless you change your current eating habits. That new juice cleanse that Gwenyth Paltrow is promoting?  Good luck ever eating ‘normal’ again to sustain your initial results...The best diet (Paleo, Keto, Whole30, blah, blah, blah)...could be a great short term experiment, but hardly sustainable for the long term. Unless of course you like yo-yo dieting, then go for it!

I get it...especially since I’ve dedicated my professional career sifting through a lot of the bs out there. The crazy thing is I’m a fitness professional and this stuff can be confusing...I can only imagine how you, the consumer, feels when trying to navigate all the health and fitness info on the market.

My goal today is to help clear up the confusion and let you make smart, well informed choices that will help you, not hurt you...and I don’t say that lightly because there are definitely programs and products out there that can hurt you (I’m looking at you Gwenyth)...but how would you know?

Well, let’s deconstruct the bs. There are usually some characteristics or trends to a lot of gimmicks on the market today including:

  1. Promising results that seem too good to be true

  2. All you see are fitness models, not real people

  3. Heavy media influence

  4. Results seem too good to be true

Breaking Down the Information (Some things to look out for)

1. Promising results that seem too good to be true

  • Let’s face it, you’ll never change your body overnight...whether it be losing fat, increasing strength, building muscle, {insert health and fitness goal}. That change or adaptation takes time and consistency.  So if you see a ‘lose 30 lbs in 10 days’ or ‘transform overnight’ type of headline, be very wary and cautious because the body does not work like that (and it could potentially be doing more harm than good)

2. All you see are fitness models, not real people

  • Now, it might be marketing suicide to put average people, that don’t look extremely fit, on an ad campaign, and the product or program might not sell all that well (just speculation)...but what I’ve slowly started to notice, especially with my own business, is that the low hanging fruit (individuals that want the quick fix and instant success) are the only one’s drawn to that type of marketing.  Meaning they don’t want sustainable anyway (which is what you see on some of my success stories)...it’s not their style.  They're’ almost ‘comfortable’ losing and gaining, jumping to the next flashy object.  The unfortunate part? That’s all you see...so you accept that as the ‘norm’...you try it, it doesn’t work, and think hmm, this health and exercise stuff just isn’t for me and never do it again or very seldom at best.

3. Heavy media influence

  • Oh the media. What could be a great outlet for fitness professionals to spread the word about useful, effective, and sustainable health and fitness regimens, is often outweighed with clickbait and trendy stories that most of the time confuses rather than helps or guides. But, this isn’t a sob story for myself and other colleagues (we’re still fighting the good fight), rather a wake up call to you, the consumer, that seeing something from a news source should be taken with a grain of salt...remember they just want your click, and might not have your best interests at heart when trying to do so.

4. Results seem to good to be true

  • Can’t reiterate this enough.  Run the other direction as fast as you can! Consistent habits are the only way that the body will produce lasting change.

So, where does that leave you? Do you just give up on the health and fitness stuff?  Say, ‘it’s not for me’ or ‘if everyone is against me, then why should I even try’. Well that’s one way you could go with it, but I’ve got a better idea…Change your sources!

Next Steps…

If you’ve always done things one way and it’s never worked or you always go back to where you started, then it might be how you’re trying to do things. Evaluate what you’re doing with the 4 tips above and if they don’t pass the test, then it’s time to find something that is proven to work for the long term.

Next week’s Newsletter will cover strategies and principles to implement that will set you up for long term success when it comes to your health and fitness…so stay tuned!

Want to try a new approach now, but lost on where to start? Reach out by emailing me at ryan@continuedperformance.com and I will help you evaluate your current situation to get you on the right track (at not cost to you). If you don’t like my advice, no harm, no foul and we can go our separate ways.  But I challenge you to at least give it some thought, especially if you feel like you’re going in circles.

Also, I would love to hear from you…what are some of the craziest products or headlines you’ve seen in the past 6 months? Shoot me an email with your response.