Prior to starting in June of this year, I hadn't exercised seriously in quite some time and I realized I needed some professional help to both motivate me and to address a couple physical issues.  My main goals were to build strength while avoiding (and hopefully improving) joint pain and to lose weight. Since working with Ryan I have improved my strength, seen significant weight loss, decreased joint pain (shoulder and low back), and have also improved my focus on nutrition.

I had never worked with a trainer before, and I just didn't know what the process would be like. I was a little apprehensive about being pushed too hard. Also, I didn't know what the expectations would be in terms of scheduling and any other effort on my part.  Ryan made the process seamless and very manageable. Our first meeting (which wasn't at the gym) went over some of the basics, which helped. It also helped to understand that the focus would, initially, be on addressing some pain and range of motion issues. The strength and weight loss goals would be achieved over a longer time period.  

I would recommend you to others--and I have!--because of your comprehensive approach to health and fitness that goes beyond simply doing the right exercises at the right intensity. Your knowledge of physiology and the nutrition components of your program have made fitness into something that is part of my overall lifestyle and not just something I focus on a couple times a week. Thanks for working with me!


Zach S. | Principal at Smolinski Rosario Law P.C.

I started training with Ryan in March of 2018 because I was not happy with the progress of just working out by myself and was tired of having achy muscles. My main areas of focus were to lose weight and to build strength to get rid of pain. Since beginning the process back in March, I am now stronger and have the skills to continue to build my body into the shape I want.

Prior to training I thought I could do everything myself. I'm the type of person that likes to be self sufficient, whether it is cooking at home or taking care of the car. However, sometimes it's best to see a professional if you want it done right. Ryan was able to understand my aches and pains and guide my workouts to help build strength in those areas. He also has constant checkpoints and follow ups to ensure my body is feeling good after a workout.

I would highly recommend Ryan as I feel by working out with him, you can efficiently reach your goals and progress to obtain the body you desire. If you want to get things done right, get Ryan to help you.


Ashkon F. | Senior Manager at Deloitte

"I started training with Ryan around February of 2013 because I was tired of feeling sluggish and weak and needed a coach.  My main goals that I wanted to accomplish were weight loss and increasing my strength and flexibility.  Prior to beginning training I had a few physical ailments (bursitis, shoulder pain) but I knew working with a trainer would help me avoid injury. Since I’ve started training with Ryan I have accomplished a lot including increasing my strength, improving my body awareness and coordination, and decreasing my body fat percentage. 

Ryan is a good listener and is able to recommend several exercises to mitigate pain and strengthen those problem areas.  He also incorporates a variety of exercises so it was never a dull routine.  And he was also great at encouraging me to get slowly stronger through the use of different tools (TRX, MAT, etc.) 

For those interested in training, be open because you'll find yourself able to accomplish more than you may imagine.  And stay committed; the results will follow.  Working with Ryan is one of the best decisions I have made."

Chris H. |    Sr. Executive Assistant at Deloitte Services LP

Chris H.  | Sr. Executive Assistant at Deloitte Services LP

"My main motivation to start training with Ryan was to lower my blood pressure and decrease my dependence on hypertension medication in order to become healthier overall.  Since June 2017, I have achieved a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index), reduced blood pressure by 10%, and decreased 5K run times by 20%.  Ryan was able to help me accomplish my goals by first educating me on effective training, showed me the proper technique and form on using various strength training equipment, and more importantly motivated me by using data to quantify his training plans.

Prior to starting to train with Ryan, I believed in the myth that “strength training burns less calories than cardio” which caused me to plateau in my workouts and I wasn’t achieving my goals. Initially I was scared to reach out for help but I’m glad I did because without the training/motivation from Ryan I wouldn’t have achieved the goals I set for myself.

Overall, Ryan is the best trainer I’ve come across. He takes the time to educate you, and it was surprising to see how much of the material I learned in physical education (PE) class was either incorrect or modified with recent studies/findings. Additionally, he will find a solution that caters to you, as there isn’t a universal plan that works for everyone. Stop hesitating, and contact Ryan today!"


Pathik S. | Electrical Engineer at General Electric

"My main motivation for starting to train with Ryan was due to that fact that I was not seeing results with my current workout plan and needed to learn effective techniques with strength training.  My goals were to strengthen specific muscles and have a customized regimen that worked for my body, relieving any pain or exhaustion that used to come with my old workouts.  In the past year, the results have been excellent and I have had improved results (increased strength and added muscle mass/definition), decreased pain, higher energy levels and reduced fatigue.  

As with starting anything new, I went in with minimal expectations thinking this would be just like any other training session but I was pleasantly surprised. Ryan is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the muscular system and the way the body works and he takes a very customized approach.  I would recommend him to anyone."


Jenny F. | Senior Client Liaison at Insperity

I started training with Ryan in May of 2016 to get wedding ready, get healthy, and improve my fitness.  My main goals were to reduce my body fat and increase my muscle mass. Since I started training, I have reduced body fat by 8lbs and significantly reduced overall fat %, increased muscle by 4 lbs, gained overall strength with increased weights through strength training, and improved body measurements (waist, hips, etc.).

Prior to training with Ryan I had a few obstacles preventing me from reaching my goals, including not having the knowledge regarding nutrition to meet my goal, inconsistent diet plans that resulted in weight fluctuations for the past 10+ yrs, and focusing on cardio vs. what I really needed which was strength training.  

Ryan was able to help me overcome these obstacles by introducing me to look at my body comp which focused on targeting reduction of body fat and increase in muscle vs. focusing just on weight, implementing a strength training program, and helping me learn how to eat healthy and eliminating the foods that have negative impact to my body.   Ryan has helped me make significant progress to my health and nutrition and I hope to continue to meet my goals.


Kana M. | Executive Director - Process Improvement Program Management at JPMorgan Chase